• Sharon Lockhart

    Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (MCA Chicago)
    220 East Chicago Avenue
    February 24–May 20, 2001

    What photographer wants to hear her work looks just like Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, or Cindy Sherman? That’s not Sharon Lockhart’s problem: Her photos and films garner comparisons to seventeenth-century Dutch painting instead. Like those still-lifes with twelve kinds of meat, her work privileges surface detail over narrative, studium over punctum. But the hangover notion of photography as a purely documentary medium haunts her work as well. As seen in this survey, her largest solo presentation to date, Lockhart has zoomed in on the role of the photographer in all its guises—as creator, choreographer, and subjective documentarian.

  • In Between: Art from Poland, 1945-2000

    Various Venues

    January 20–March 25, 2001

    With a Polish population second only to Warsaw, Chicago is a natural host for this citywide, thirty-nine artist survey of Polish art from the postwar past to the post-Communist present, curated by Susan Snodgrass, Bohdan Gorczynski, and Anda Rottenberg. At the Chicago Cultural Center, one can expect a reconsideration of Poland’s modernist avant-garde—from the utopian abstractions of constructivist Wladyslaw Strzedski to the numerical conceptualism of Roman Opalka and the public work of Krzysztof Wodiczko. Elsewhere commissioned projects offer timely updates, by Pawel Althamer (at the Museum of Contemporary Art) and Katarzyna Kozyra (at the Renaissance Society).