• Streetnoise: ltalian Futurism 1909-1918

    Sprengel Museum Hannover
    March 11–June 24, 2001

    The tub-thumping histrionics of Marinetti and his Italian cohort of Futurists in the years preceding World War I continue to fascinate. It seemed the last word had been said with the Venice show at the Palazzo Grassi in 1986. But the Sprengel thinks otherwise and is assembling a massive survey, curated by Norbert Nobis, focusing on the painting and sculpture of Boccioni, Severini, Balla, and others— body of work that, alongside the manifestos and happenings, ensured a European impact for the group that strikes an anarchic note to this day. (Post-1918 developments will be pursued in a show come fall at the Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund.)