• 010101: Art in Technological Times

    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
    151 Third Street
    March 3–July 8, 2001

    Perhaps it’s time to look at “new-media art” as a response to new media (rather than as work that merely incorporates aspects of the digital world). That, at least, is the premise behind this ambitious, Intel-sponsored exhibition. At precisely one minute after midnight on Jan. 1, commissions by Mark Napier, Belgium’s Entropy8Zuper!, and other early Net-art stars will be launched online. The real-world component of “010101,” opening in March, will feature digital art and, surprisingly, some analog works as well: a Brian Eno sound installation, a Sarah Sze assemblage, a Lee Bul sculpture. But the inclusion of Luddites isn’t paradoxical: All the works here address the ubiquity of digital technology.