• Richard Tuttle, Overlap, A9, 2000.

    Richard Tuttle, Overlap, A9, 2000.

    Richard Tuttle, In Parts, 1998–2001

    ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
    25 Harbor Shore Drive
    December 8, 2001–February 10, 2002

    Richard Tuttle, master of the deceptively slight hand, used to be overlooked amid late-twentieth-century isms. Now, midcareer, he has our full attention. For this exhibition, Tuttle and curator Ingrid Schaffner bring together recent works shown in the US, Switzerland, and Italy (including two pyramid-shaped paintings fresh from the Venice Biennale). Despite Tuttle’s eye for detail, he never loses sight of the whole: Seen en masse, these works combine to explore the nature of lines, both narrative and graphic. The installation of the exhibition is dictated by the innovative catalogue (which includes a collaboration with poet Charles Bernstein), reversing the normal order of things.