• Untitled Schere 3 (Scissors 3), 1965.

    Untitled Schere 3 (Scissors 3), 1965.

    Blinky Palermo

    Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)
    Plaça dels Angels, 1
    December 12, 2002–February 16, 2003

    Curated by Gloria Moure

    Was there ever a nom-de-whatever as seriously off as “Blinky Palermo”? Born Peter Schwarze, the German artist was rechristened by teacher Joseph Beuys because of his supposed resemblance to the fight-fixing goodfella who owned heavyweight Sonny Liston in the ’60s. But Palermo the Younger’s work is as subtle, nimble, even delicate as it comes: American critics have sometimes cast the artist, who died in 1977, at age thirty-four, as a Teutonic Tuttle. From the Stoffbilder, pictures fabricated from yards of store-bought cloth, to the late wall paintings (in which the “extended field of painting” embraces the architectural setting itself), guest curator Gloria Moure’s 150-work retrospective showcases an artist’s artist who let abstract painting and freestanding object duke it out