• Franz Gertsch

    Museum Franz Gertsch
    Platanenstrasse 3
    October 27, 2002–April 1, 2003

    A museum for Franz Gertsch? I’m a total fan, but, outside Switzerland, he’s not exactly the most obvious candidate for such apotheosis. But maybe this is the wave of the future: Living artists commandeer a museum to show their own work, with art sales (hopefully) sustaining it. At any rate, a commercial gallery (“Galerie im Park”) operating in the museum represents Gertsch and shows younger artists as well (first up, Swiss newbie Chantal Michel). The only thing I’m sure of is that in the ’70s Gertsch made some of the most killer hyperreal boho-glam paintings ever. While that period’s not on view (work since 1987 inaugurates things), it will appear at some point; it’ll have to.