• Untitled, 2000.

    Untitled, 2000.

    Sigmar Polke

    Dallas Museum of Art
    1717 North Harwood
    November 16–April 30, 2003

    Curated by John R. Lane and Charles Wylie

    The official Great European Painter designation may be contested by another German artist, but of his generation it’s Sigmar Polke who produces just about the only work of consequence to younger painters today. He’s every bit the maverick he was in the ’60s and ’70s, serving up an irreverent mix of art history and pop detritus, thrilling visual distortion, and no short supply of comic/cosmic effects. This show, curated by Dallas’s John R. Lane and Charles Wylie, satisfies the always high level of curiosity about what Polke’s been up to lately. Included are nearly fifty paintings and drawings from the past four years as well as a new series of monumental pictures based on printing mistakes. The catalogue contains a good dose of Polke source material. Expect to see it around.