Seton Smith, Cabinet & Table from Chez P.S. series, 2001.

Palm Beach

The Smiths: Tony, Kiki, Seton

ICA - Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art
601 Lake Avenue
December 3–March 23

Curated by Gilbert Brownstone

The Smiths—wasn’t that one of those “new romantic” pop groups back in the mid-’80s? Well, yes and no. This “The Smiths” is a show of work by architect-painter-sculptor Tony (1912–80) and his two daughters, sculptor-printmaker Kiki (née Chiara, in 1954) and the lesser-known photographer Seton, who was born a year after her sister and lives in Paris. Actually, in Europe Seton’s reputation—one earned from her big color photographs of hard-to-identify interiors—doesn’t lag that far behind her older sibling’s. The only thread linking the work of the three, admits curator Gilbert Brownstone, is genetic. Which is, come to think of it, more than you could say for the Thompson Twins.