Lebbeus Woods, La Chute - The Fall, 2002.


Unknown Quantity

Fondation Cartier Pour l'Art Contemporain
261 boulevard Raspail
November 28, 2002–March 30, 2003

Curated by Paul Virilio

What would we do without the French? While every architect and his barber is musing about what grand thing will rise downtown, our friends in Paris have organized an hommage to New York in the form of a show organized by bunker archaeologist and maître d’oblique Paul Virilio. Ground Zero offerings by a dozen artists—among them indomitable futurist Lebbeus Woods—are set in the context of industrial disasters, natural catastrophes, and in Virilio’s words “happy accidents.” The hope is that this raked-beret treatment will offset the sensationalizing effects of the mass media. And it may just work. What could be more banal than to fill that void with art?