• Anya Gallaccio, Blessed, 2000, Installation view.

    Anya Gallaccio, Blessed, 2000, Installation view.

    Anya Gallaccio

    Ikon Gallery
    1 Oozells Square Brindleyplace
    April 2–May 18, 2003

    Ice, flowers, chocolate, candles, oranges, whistling kettles, glass beads—no one can accuse Anya Gallaccio of a narrow repertoire of means. The variety of materials gives pace and unpredictability to her Ikon installations, which run from the late ’80s (when she attracted attention in London’s YBA scene–making exhibition “Freeze”) to brand-new commissions involving local schools and an off-site project growing vegetables with children. Sometimes stunning, sometimes fey, Gallaccio’s work is notable for its quotidian approach to age-old themes of growth, decay, mortality, and transformation. Her largest public exhibition in the country to date, the Ikon show follows on the heels of her installation at Tate Britain (closed Jan. 26).