• Martin Kippenberger, Deutscher Eierknaller (German egg banger), 1996, oil on canvas, 94 7/16“ x 78 3/4”.

    Martin Kippenberger

    ZKM | Center for Art and Media
    Lorenzstraße 19
    June 11, 2013–April 27, 2003

    “Forever young!” Martin Kippenberger often proclaimed. And with his death, in 1997, it sadly came true. The time machine cranks backward as Kippenberger’s first retrospective opens on what would have been the artist’s fiftieth birthday. Given his staggering productivity, tracking his various torrents of ingenuity has always been a bit like herding cats, but curators Rolf Melcher and Andreas Schalhorn have lined up more than 450 works, from paintings to editions, providing the big picture of the bighearted big shot. The lavishly illustrated catalogue, with contributions by Stephen Prina and Susanne Kippenberger, among others, rounds out and reminisces about an astonishing life’s work that will never stop teasing, tormenting—and delighting—us.