• Richard Artschwager, Untitled (Potatoes II), 1997, acrylic on Celotex, 37 x 34".

    Richard Artschwager

    Kaiser Wilhelm Museum
    Joseph Beuys-Platz 1
    June 29–September 21, 2003

    Staatliche Graphische Sammlung

    October 8, 2003–January 6, 2004


    March 1–May 25, 2003

    Although this exhibition includes seventy-odd works by Richard Artschwager dating from 1960 through 2002, it’s not exactly a retrospective; in fact, the artist calls it an “introspective,” according to its curator, Winterthur director Dieter Schwarz. This may be because it focuses on Artschwager’s drawings, surely his least-known work. Even the painting and sculpture on view are recondite: Schwarz’s selection from the ’90s, for example, highlights Artschwager’s portraits, a genre with which he is not readily associated. In addition to a catalogue, Schwarz has published two books: Writing and Interviews, and Drawings, 1960–2002 —a long-overdue opportunity to see the artist put his perplexities into words.