Robert Whitman, Window, 1963, mixed
media, 8 x 10 x 4'.

New York

Robert Whitman

Dia Center for the Arts
542 West 22nd Street
March 5–June 15, 2003

Robert Whitman is freshest in museumgoers’ minds for his film of a woman projected into a running shower in the Whitney’s traveling “Into the Light” exhibition. His first major retrospective gives a fuller view of the artist, who helped found Experiments in Art and Technology with Robert Rauschenberg during the ’60s. Works with lasers, film, and performance appear alongside more traditional pieces, including Whitman’s suite of “Dante Drawings.” Accompanying publications are similarly multifaceted: A catalogue includes essays by David Joselit and curator Lynne Cooke on Whitman’s multimedia and theatrical work, while George Baker and Ben Portis provide treatments of his drawings and films. A DVD by nonprofit organization Artpix features interviews and performance footage.