• “Sculptures on Air,” Münster Sculpture Project, 1997.

    “Sculptures on Air,” Münster Sculpture Project, 1997.

    Ayse Erkmen

    Kunstmuseum St. Gallen
    Museumstrasse 32
    March 3–May 11, 2003

    Turkish artist Ayse Erkmen never works in the same medium or takes the same thematic approach twice. Instead, she varies her gestures to reveal borders inherent to each exhibition space, whether physical or not. For her recent Wiener Secession show, lights installed in the glass ceiling made the classic white cube flash and flicker. In Frankfurt, she dispatched three ships and their crews from Istanbul, Venice, and Shingu, Japan, to carry people up and down the river Main. She posted Turkish verb endings on a building facade in Berlin and installed metal detectors outside Frankfurt’s Portikus gallery. At St. Gallen, the public is in for a surprise—and a fresh sense of location.