• Green Blue Orange Room, 1971

    Green Blue Orange Room, 1971

    Ib Geersten

    Nikolaj Kunsthal
    Nikolaj Plads 10
    June 21–August 24, 2003

    Ib Geertsen is practically a father figure within Denmark’s artistic household. Generations of Danish artists have grown up with his colorful formalism in museums and public spaces, and now a younger audience has rediscovered Geertsen’s sensuous cool. Organized by the eighty-four-year-old artist himself in collaboration with Nikolaj director Elisabeth Delin Hansen, the exhibition comprises approximately eighty works spanning six decades. The focus will be on the spontaneous paintings from the ’40s as well as Geertsen’s trademark constructivism of the ’50s that translated into a range of media, notably sculpture and mobile-like “movables.”