• BlackTide, 2003.

    BlackTide, 2003.

    Allan Sekula

    Generali Foundation
    Wiedner Hauptstraße 15
    May 16–August 17, 2003

    Anglers love a tall tale, so it’s entirely appropriate that Allan Sekula’s monumental photo cycle “Fish Story” has been a talking point since its appearance at last summer’s Documenta 11. This first full-scale retrospective, curated by Sabine Breitwieser with the assistance of Hemma Schmutz, covers the LA-based artist’s entire career, from the antiwar performances of the late ’60s and early ’70s to the brand-new Black Tide, Marea Negra, 2003, concerning the oil catastrophe in Galicia, Spain. Along the way there’s space for Sekula’s best-known dissections of the influence of global economic shifts on the conditions in which people do their jobs. The hefty catalogue produced for the show includes texts by the artist and an interview conducted by Benjamin H.D. Buchloh.