• Robert Filliou, Tool Cross, 1969.

    Robert Filliou, Tool Cross, 1969.

    Robert Filliou

    Museum Kunstpalast
    Ehrenhof 4-5
    July 26–November 9, 2003


    April 28–June 29, 2003

    Lille Métropole Musée d'Art Moderne (LAM)
    1 Allée du Musée
    December 6, 2003–March 20, 2004

    “I have never joined any group. I dislike -isms. In art, in life, I reject theories. Manifestoes bore me. The spirit in which things are done is what interests me,” wrote Robert Filliou to George Maciunas in 1970, providing a road map for his own myriad productions. Filmmaker, “action poet,” sculptor, and Happenings maestro, the Europe-based Filliou (1926–87), for all his avowed independence, also collaborated with the likes of Marcel Broodthaers, Dieter Roth, and Daniel Spoerri. Organized by independent curator Sylvie Jouval for the three cosponsoring institutions, this large retrospective covers his work in all media.