• Eduardo Abaroa,
Ancient vs. Modern (Mastodon with yellow cupcakes), 2003.

    Eduardo Abaroa,
    Ancient vs. Modern (Mastodon with yellow cupcakes), 2003.

    Made in Mexico/Hecho en México

    ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
    25 Harbor Shore Drive
    January 21–May 9, 2004

    Curated by Gilbert Vicario

    A healthy dose of skepticism should be mandatory to anyone confronting an exhibition of contemporary art that employs the name of a country in its title. Does “Made in Mexico” reward such critical examination? Now, this show gathers thirty-five recent works by nineteen Mexican and international artists to examine “Mexico’s growing influence as a contemporary artistic center.” In the late ’80s Mexico City became an experimental playground for then-emerging artists like Gabriel Orozco, Francis Alÿs, and Melanie Smith, whose work engaged popular culture and the urban condition. This show offers an intriguing, if partial, sample of the art being produced in and about that part of the world.

  • Gary Schneider, Hands, 1997.

    Gary Schneider, Hands, 1997.

    Gary Schneider

    Harvard Art Museums
    32 Quincy Street
    February 28–June 13, 2004

    Curated by Deborah Martin Kao

    The ethereal and luminous quality of Gary Schneider’s photographic portraits resembles the flickering of silent films. The artist rejuvenates practices from photographic history and joins them to the most advanced photographic technology—long shutter speeds, platinum printing, medical imaging. These exquisite prints redefine portraiture as a rendering of temperature, of body heat that becomes the emotional mapping of an individual, a ghostly afterimage that renegotiates presence and absence, past and future. This exhibition comprises thirty-three works from the last thirty years and includes Salters Cottages, Schneider’s 1981 film. The catalogue features an essay by the curator and excerpts from her interviews with the artist.