• Jean Arp, Tête (Head), 1957.

    Jean Arp, Tête (Head), 1957.

    Jean Arp

    BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts
    Rue Ravensteinstraat 23 Centre for Fine Arts
    March 5–June 6, 2004

    Curated by Maria Lluïsa Borràs

    In Europe in 1915, making art was nothing less than staging a revolt: As Jean Arp later wrote remembering those heady days in Zurich, “While the thunder of the batteries rumbled in the distance . . . we aspired to a new order that might restore the balance between heaven and hell.” Arp’s abstract reliefs and collages may not have upended the bourgeois, but they were certainly conducive to a formal revolution. Independent curator Maria Lluïsa Borràs has revamped the checklist of her 2001 Arp show at Barcelona’s Fundació Joan Miró, bringing Belgium its first-ever retrospective of the artist. On view are nearly 120 paintings, collages, drawings, and sculptures from 1912 to 1965. The catalogue includes essays by, among others, Alain Gheerbrant and Walburga Krupp.