Francesco Lo Savio, Articolazione totale (Total Articulation), 1962, varnish on sheet metal and cement, 39 3⁄8 x 39 3⁄8 x 39 3⁄8".


Francesco Lo Savio

Centro Pecci, Prato
Viale della Repubblica 277
June 19–May 9

Curated by Bruno Corà and Stefano Pezzato

Working for only five years before his death in 1963, Francesco Lo Savio anticipated much American Minimal sculpture and European analytical tendencies of the ’70s. His art is qualified by its engagement with space, light, and real phenomena. Lo Savio’s study of light refraction led to series of paintings in which the canvas acts as a vector of formal elements that expand beyond its structural limits. His metal “articulations,” constructed according to internal spatial relationships, project outward, the body of the work opening up to and finding virtual completion in space. This retrospective, presenting some forty of Lo Savio’s objects, comes thirty-odd years after the last substantial showing of his work.

Translated from Italian by Marguerite Shore.