Bruder Andreas, 1996.


Georg Baselitz: Pictures Turning the Head Topsy-Turvy

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4
April 2, 2003–August 8, 2004

Curated by Susanne Kleine

Georg Baselitz’s art is about retrospection. By distancing himself from a recent past, he draws nearer to it in order to cease hankering after it. Comprising roughly 130 paintings and sculptures from 1959 to the present, this retrospective, organized in close cooperation with the artist, will indeed turn your head around. By juxtaposing older and newer works, it zeroes in on key ideas and motifs in Baselitz’s oeuvre. His well-known upside-down paintings signal his supreme subject: the genre of art itself. Not content simply to dismantle its techniques, styles, and icons, Baselitz has gone about reinventing its categories—the nude, portrait, and landscape—for forty-five years. The catalogue includes essays by Werner Hofmann and others.