• Derek Boshier, Airmail Letter, 1961.

    Derek Boshier, Airmail Letter, 1961.

    British Pop Art of the 1960s

    Galleria Civica di Modena
    Corso Canalgrande 103
    April 17–July 17, 2004

    Curated by Walter Guadagnini and Marco Livingstone

    Pop art is usually regarded as an especially American phenomenon, but a British critic, Lawrence Alloway, coined the term, and several British artists of the ’50s (e.g., Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi) antedate the US efflorescence. This exhibition includes some sixty sculptures and mostly large-scale paintings, by eighteen artists who run the gamut from the famous (Allen Jones, Patrick Caulfield, Peter Blake) to the fairly obscure (Colin Self, Gerald Laing, and the delicious Pauline Boty, whose canvases are startlingly prescient with respect to David Salle’s work). “The ‘conceptual’ basis of Pop aesthetics were founded in the UK, even if the ‘purest’ Pop art works are probably to be found in the USA,” remarks Galleria Civica director Walter Guadagnini.