• L’Inceste, 1975.

    L’Inceste, 1975.

    Michel Journiac

    Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain
    1, Place Hans Jean Arp
    February 20–May 9, 2004

    Curated by Emmanuel Guigon

    La génération 1968 still wields cultural clout, especially in a country where intellectuals and artists are not considered irrelevant to political discourse. Beginning as a painter and moving toward body-centered performance and what he terms the “degree zero” of art, Michel Journiac has made coolly ironic and erotic photographs, films, videos, assemblages, artist’s books, and prints of all kinds. Filmic and graphic documents predominate in this forty-work retrospective—the first Journiac has mounted in France—which continues the historical reinscription of the ’60s. The exhibition is accompanied by an omnibus catalogue with a panoply of contributors, including Vincent Labaume, Julia Hountou, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Fabrice Hergott, and Catherine Millet.