• Vexation Island, 1997.

    Vexation Island, 1997.

    Rodney Graham

    Art Gallery of Ontario
    317 Dundas Street West
    March 30–June 27, 2004

    Curated by Jessica Bradley

    The subtitle of this retrospective, “A Little Thought,” suggests an intellectual approach leavened by modesty and self-deprecating wit. It is well chosen. Rodney Graham is a connoisseur of the fragment, an inveterate snapper-up of trifles from literature and music, technology and psychology. Flitting between research and daydreaming, he employs film, video, and sound to construct teasing referential loops (and some great tunes). This show charts Graham’s development from 1976 to the present and across some two dozen works, including a new projection piece and a wealth of related objects and photographs. With an extensive catalogue to boot, the exhibition finishes its tour on the artist’s home turf.