• Self-Portrait, 1986.

    Self-Portrait, 1986.

    Robert Crumb

    Museum Ludwig
    May 28–September 12, 2004

    September 17–December 5

    Curated by Alfred M. Fischer

    Robert Crumb turned sixty last year, finally getting up around the age of his magus/opportunist Mr. Natural. Crumb’s acuteness to ’60s counterculture made his name, but, deprived of his primal scene, he hasn’t exactly settled into placid old age: Still cartooning when he chooses, he also draws reflexively—he is an artist, after all. Sampling the drawings more than the comics, this show examines Crumb’s forty-year career through roughly 250 works. The exhibition’s appearance in Cologne may disappoint Americans but should not surprise them, given Germany’s longstanding fascination with American culture, as well as the conservatism of many US museums; but Crumb’s fondness for northern European masters like Bosch and Brueghel is another excuse.

    Travels to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Sept. 17–Dec. 5.