• Grazie, 1982.

    Grazie, 1982.

    Albert Oehlen

    Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCB-A)
    Place de la Riponne 6
    June 18–September 5, 2004

    Kunsthalle Nürnberg
    Lorenzer Straße 32
    April 1–June 1, 2005

    December 9–January 30

    Curated by Ralf Beil

    Only the most dedicated gallerygoers may have been able to follow the twists and turns of Albert Oehlen’s oeuvre. With a tilt against a “signature style” that's virtually a signature in itself, the Cologne artist began his career with épater canvases of historically freighted interiors; now he’s perhaps as well known for his computer-generated paintings as for his collaborations with Kippenberger in the ’80s. Fittingly subtitled “Oeuvres” to signal the multiplicity of Oehlen’s production, this exhibition finally allows for a complete overview of the artist’s work, with some sixty paintings and three room-sized installations. Don't expect the show necessarily to cohere—Oehlen wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Travels to Domus Artium 2000, Salamanca, Dec. 9–Jan. 30, 2005; Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Apr. 2005–June 2005.