• Untitled (d'Est), 1988.

    Untitled (d'Est), 1988.

    Chantal Akerman

    Centre Pompidou
    Place Georges-Pompidou
    May 1–June 7, 2004

    Curated by Dominique Païni

    From her early, rarely seen 1968 short Saute ma ville to her recent feature Demain on déménage, Chantal Akerman has made some of the most questioning, trenchant, and elegant film work of our time. By screening each of her forty films—fictive and documentary shorts and features shot both for cinema and for television—twice and in some cases three times and by publishing, in conjunction with Cahiers du cinéma, a catalogue on her oeuvre, the Pompidou is giving Belgium’s best-known filmmaker the recognition (and retrospective) she has long deserved. Akerman introduces many of the screenings herself, two of her installations are on view at the museum, and there is even a concert by cellist and Akerman collaborator Sonia Wieder-Atherton. C’est genius.

  • Samuel Fosso, Le Chef, 2003.

    Samuel Fosso, Le Chef, 2003.

    Africa Remix

    Museum Kunstpalast
    Ehrenhof 4-5
    July 24–November 7, 2004

    Hayward Gallery
    Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road
    February 10–April 17, 2005

    Centre Pompidou
    Place Georges-Pompidou
    May 15–August 20, 2005

    Curated by Simon Njami

    The ambitious, multidisciplinary “Africa Remix” samples work made in the past decade by nearly one hundred artists from the continent. This timely arrangement highlights such stars as William Kentridge and Jane Alexander alongside heterogeneous work of some sixty as yet unknowns. The substantial catalogue features essays by curator Simon Njami, Jean-Hubert Martin, Hudita Mustafa, and others. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether a show so committed to the exigencies of place can transcend its exportation abroad or whether the exhibition will wind up redoubling those imperialist fantasies it so carefully strives to avoid.

    Travels to the Hayward Gallery, London, Feb. 10, 2005–Apr. 17, 2005; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, May 15, 2005–Aug. 20, 2005; and other venues.