• Saskia Olde Wolbers,
Placebo, 2002.

    Saskia Olde Wolbers,
    Placebo, 2002.

    Into My World: Recent British Sculpture

    The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
    258 Main Street
    June 13–September 1, 2004

    Curated by Stephen Hepworth and Jessica Hough

    Most of the London art world is hesitant to generalize about post-YBA art. Stephen Hepworth isn’t: As curator at London’s Jerwood Gallery in the late ’90s and a gun for hire since, Hepworth has regularly come up with new rubrics (e.g., “Dumbpop”). Few stick, but the shows are unarguably helpful in identifying emerging key players. “Alternate realities” seems to apply here: Collating nineteen works by nine artists, all of whom, to some degree, create their own worlds—whether literally (Mike Nelson’s grandiose, multicelled installations) or in model form (Mariele Neudecker’s vitrined, fog-swept landscape miniatures)—Hepworth and Aldrich curator Jessica Hough have scooped up a number of the UK’s brightest hopes.