New York

Frank O. Gehry and David Childs, New York Times Headquarters, New York, NY. Project, 2000.

New York

Tall Buildings

MoMA QNS - Museum of Modern Art
4520 33rd Street
July 16–September 27, 2004

Curated by Terence Riley and Guy Nordenson

Often existing simply as a rearguard action against the inevitable banality of the merely immense, most office towers constructed over the last quarter century are little more than architectural one-liners. Curators Terence Riley of MoMa’s Department of Architecture and Design and Guy Nordenson, a prominent structural engineer, hope to demonstrate that the genre still has legs. This show features photographs, drawings, and models of twenty-five “tall buildings” from around the world and in various stages of completion, including built projects like Norman Foster’s Swiss Re building in London (aka the “erotic gherkin”) and more imaginative yet unrealized proposals by Rem Koolhaas and Steven Holl. But the real attraction will be the scale models—compelling works of sculpture in their own right.