Memory Foundations - World Trade Centre Site, New York Skyline of Lower Manhattan (computer rendering).


Daniel Libeskind

Barbican Art Gallery
Barbican Centre Silk Street
September 16, 2004–January 23, 2005

Before Daniel Libeskind became Governor Pataki’s favorite architect, he enjoyed a distinguished (if hardly prolific) career as an academic, theorist, and designer in Europe. This survey of his architectural work provides an opportunity to evaluate Libeskind’s efforts at Ground Zero in the context of his efforts as leader of the “symbolist wing” of the deconstructionist movement that dominated avant-garde architecture in the ’90s. Designed by architect Matthias Reese, formerly of Studio Daniel Libeskind, this show includes materials and models related to sixteen realized and unrealized projects and culminates in a “specially commissioned illuminated model” of the Freedom Tower. One imagines it will be 1,776 millimeters high and sport a tiny effigy of David Childs impaled on its spire.