Harleman, 1960, Oil on canvas, 53 x 102.2 in (134.6 x 259.6 cm)


Franz Kline

Castello di Rivoli
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia
October 18, 2004–January 30, 2005

The relation between Franz Kline’s early portraits and landscapes—images of the coal-mining region of Pennsylvania where he grew up—and the far-better-known abstract canvases has always been a bit obscure. Beyond their basis in drawing—indeed, many of Kline’s most celebrated paintings were first sketched out in ink on telephone-book pages—is there a connection between these two phases in his life as an artist? Viewers will have the chance to pose the question of the whole of Kline’s oeuvre with this seventy-work survey, which marks the twentieth anniversary of the Castello di Rivoli. In addition to the seminal black-and-white oils of the ’50s, the show includes later canvases in which Kline extravagantly explores color.