Sex, 2003, Oil on panel, 126 x 85 cm


Glenn Brown

Serpentine Galleries
Kensington Gardens
September 14–November 7, 2004

Since the early ’90s Glenn Brown has copied reproductions of paintings by Auerbach, de Kooning, Fragonard, and Dalí, as well as sci-fi book-cover illustrations, emphasizing the flaws in his source material (overripe color, weird cropping, flattened impasto—the latter rendered by Brown in spectacular trompe l’oeil) while seemingly equating grandness and schlock. Yet he’s far from being just another frolicker at originality’s wake: The British painter’s increasingly unfaithful remakes suggest an interlaced articulation of subjectivity and deliberate misprision, while his vitrined objects smothered in thick agglutinations of paint offer a neat sideline in postheroic sculpture. This survey comprises some forty works and is accompanied by a catalogue featuring an essay by Alison Gingeras.