• Sabrina Raaf, searchstoretrash, 2003, mixed media, dimensions vary

    Sabrina Raaf, searchstoretrash, 2003, mixed media, dimensions vary

    Moving Parts

    Kunsthaus Graz
    Lendkai 1
    October 8, 2004–January 16, 2005

    Grounded in the pioneering work of Gabo, Moholy-Nagy, and Duchamp, kinetic art seemed simply to fade away after its flowering in the ’60s. “Moving Parts,” organized by the Kunsthaus Graz in conjunction with the Museum Jean Tinguely, proposes, on the contrary, that movement and the machine have remained central in art of the later twentieth century. Fifty sculptures, robots, light works, and more provide a survey of machine and kinetic art from Tinguely and Pistoletto to contemporary artists like Olafur Eliasson. A particular focus on specially commissioned works by Jeppe Hein, Sabrina Raaf, Malachi Farrell, and others demonstrates the continuing relevance of the kinetic principle.

  • Peter Weibel

    Neue Galerie Graz
    September 25–November 21, 2004

    Widely known as a new-media theorist and curator, Peter Weibel also played an important role in the history of European Conceptualism, and this survey of his early work (1964 to 1979) follows Weibel’s trajectory from concrete poetry though performance art with the Viennese Actionists to closed-circuit video and interactive computer installations. In dialogue with the history of science, structuralism, and poststructuralism throughout his career, Weibel at once positioned the body as an overdetermined sign and explored the social effects of surveillance. His later video installations highlighted the new medium’s function within emerging models of observation and control. The catalogue includes essays by Boris Groys, Ursula Frohne, and others.