Katharina Sieverding, Die Sonnne um Mitternacht Schauen, 2003, c-prints, total size: 125 x 190 in.

New York

Katharina Sieverding

22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue
October 17, 2004–January 31, 2005

While inundated with photography by students of the Bechers, we are less familiar with those, like Katharina Sieverding, who studied with Joseph Beuys. Sieverding, born in Prague in 1944, worked in Düsseldorf from 1967 until 1972. Known chiefly for large-scale photography that pushes its subjectivist dimensions, she often focuses on her own body, submitting her visage to various forms of photographic dissolution. This survey of roughly a dozen works—multimedia installations, photographic series, and film and slide projections—is accompanied by a catalogue with essays by, among others, Brian O’Doherty and Norman Bryson and provides American audiences with their first museum show of Sieverding’s work.