Lothar Baumgarten

Dallas Museum of Art
1717 North Harwood
September 19–December 5

Lothar Baumgarten is too conceptually agile in his employment of text, design, and installation to be thought of as simply a photographer—but his photographs are too fine to be the work of one of those supercilious “artists who use photography.” One of his best-known works, Carbon is the German artist’s elegy for the American landscape and a meditation on its tradition of landscape photography. Published as a book in 1991, it has been exhibited in various ways, but this promises to be its grandest presentation so far, incorporating wall drawings, 116 photographs, and a selection of materials from Baumgarten’s six-month trek in 1989 along America’s railroads, whose names often memorialize the native peoples they helped displace but which were themselves, by then, becoming marginalized.