• Pepón Osorio, Face to Face, 2002, mixed media including five computer monitors with video, two large projected DVDs, TV with home video, and photo, dimensions vary.

    Pepón Osorio

    ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
    University of Pennsylvania 118 South 36th Street
    September 8 - December 12

    Pepón Osorio’s latest suite of works, arising from his recent three-year residency at Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services, dramatizes and humanizes the roles of counselors and clients during critical moments of transition. The artist’s reconstruction at ICA of DHS offices places the personal minutiae of employees’ cubicles adjacent to the caged-in contents of a family’s storage locker. His video of a running child, projected on the wooden skeleton of an unfinished house, dest- bilizes the suburban ideal, while another video implicates the social-service system with footage of teens ill prepared for their imminent departure from foster care. The show promises to highlight the unique underpinnings of Osorio’s aesthetic deliberation and political critique.