• Shahzia Sikander, Untitled, 2002, mixed media. Installation view, “Urgent Painting,” Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2002.

    Shahzia Sikander

    The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
    258 Main Street
    September 19, 2004–January 2, 2005

    Pakistan-born Shahzia Sikander re-interprets the tradition of Mughal miniature painting for a contemporary eye, fluidly combining Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and American pop-cultural iconography within a single image. Her jewel-like paintings and drawings and deft fusion of cultural and visual elements make for an arresting body of work; but more than that, Sikander puts relevance and meaning back into shopworn "multiculturalism.” The second half of an exhibition that appeared at Skidmore College’s Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery earlier this year, this show features fifty new works on paper, a digital animation, and a site-specific wall drawing made with marker and paint. The catalogue includes contributions by novelist Mohsin Hamid and others.