Bernhard Martin, Single Disco (Whisperclub), 1999, mixed media, 220 x 95 x 95 cm


The Future Has a Silver Lining: Genealogies of Glamour

Migros Museum

August 28–October 31, 2004

If Benjamin’s “aura” has an equivalent in today’s capitalist empire, it may well be glamour. Etymologically, the word is linked to casting spells, which stands to reason since glamour is that mercurial “it-ness” that sells clothes as lifestyles and celebrities as icons. Tackling the ambitious task of tracing glamour’s various genealogies, this show deals less with representations that propel the market than with the ways artists have demystified or subverted glamour’s potency. The twenty-one samplings run from Meret Oppenheim’s fetishistic underwear to a number of contemporary works, like T.J. Wilcox’s film reenvisioning of Marlene Dietrich’s funeral. Even Zurich gets its glamour quotient checked in citywide events and parties.