Installation view, Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, 2001-02


Xavier Veilhan

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou
September 15–November 15

As in his Projet Hyperréaliste presented at the 2003 Biennale de Lyon, the work of Xavier Veilhan revisits modernity through visual adventures that heighten the experience of perception. For his first solo exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, one of the best French artists to come out of the ’90s fills Espace 315 with a “total work of art”: A distorted pattern of squares covering the walls manipulates the perceptual dimensions of the room, and a monumental sculpture of a boat is lifted off the ground by a polyester wake. Also on view are a new Light Machine (a cross between a movie screen and a “luminous painting”) and pixelated digital landscapes on aluminum. And in October, Veilhan will install a spectacular mobile in the Pompidou’s forum space.