Yang Fudong, Still from _Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest, 2003, film.


Yang Fudong

The Renaissance Society
5811 South Ellis Avenue Cobb Hall, 4th floor
September 26–November 7

In the second installment of his ongoing film pentalogy Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest, Yang Fudong’s latter-day sages forsake the Taoist natural paradise of Yellow Mountain for a seductively quotidian Shanghai apartment complex as they divine their place in an emergent global economy. Premiering in Chicago, the film will be screened alongside part 1 of the series and three other works, among them his 2002 feature film An Estranged Paradise. Taken together, they should offer a sustained panorama of the longings of an artist who is part traditional lyricist evoking the enigmatic subtlety of scroll painting and part auteur following the surreal lead of Jim Jarmusch. Yang’s investigations resonate as a kind of paradise not merely estranged but irremediably lost.