• Georg Herold

    Staatliche Kunsthalle
    Lichtentaler Allee 8A
    March 5–April 10, 2005

    Curated by Matthias Winzen

    Georg Herold is a determined desublimator, continuously casting doubt on the structures of value and value-production both within and outside of the art world. In the late ’70s and ’80s, he participated, along with Kippenberger, Oehlen, and others, in a post-Beuysian micromovement against an all-too-easy German neo-expressionism. His trademark deployment of poor and “stupid” materials (bricks, wire, underpants) explores the perception of art and the basic rules of social interaction. This twenty-six-year retrospective of seventy sculptures, photographs, objects, and paintings begins as a dadaist détournement of arte povera gestures and develops into a multimedia study of elitism, etiquette, and exclusion.

    Travels to the Kunstverein Hannover, Apr. 16–May 29; and other venues.