• Josef Albers, Blue Front (variant), 1959, oil on masonite, 23 1/2 x 27".

    Josef Albers

    Museo Morandi

    January 28–April 30

    Curated by Peter Weiermair and Giusi Vecchi

    Jasper Johns once took a color test designed by Josef Albers and reported back: “Mr. Albers, I took your color test and got all the answers wrong.” Albers beamed, “Dot's vunderful. You got 100 percent.” One by one, the famous “Homage to the Square” paintings are easily dismissed as Albers-the-artist's brainy illustrations of Albers-the-teacher's color theories. En masse, they confound more than explain. Curators Weiermair and Vecchi assemble thirty-five “Homages” along with some forty other paintings and photo collages for Albers's first monographic show in Italy. Go test yourself.