• Landscape Confection

    Wexner Center for the Arts
    The Ohio State University 1871 North High Street
    January 29–May 1, 2005

    Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
    5216 Montrose Boulevard
    July 23–September 11, 2005

    Orange County Museum of Art
    1661 W. Sunflower Ave.
    February 5–May 7, 2006

    Curated by Helen Molesworth

    The Wexner has aptly billed “Landscape Confection” as “whimsical and vividly colorful,” but with artists like Kori Newkirk, Michael Raedecker, and Lisa Sanditz in the mix, the show also promises some slightly unsettling moments. About fifty works by thirteen artists—including Pia Fries's bright, topographical abstractions and Rowena Dring's stitched-by-numbers “paintings”—relate, in varying degrees of representation, to the landscape. All evidence the allure and durability of this ancient subject. The catalogue features an essay by Helen Molesworth and entries by Wexner associate curator Claudine Isé.

    Travels to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, July 23–Sept. 11; Orange County Museum of Art, Feb. 5, 2006–May 7, 2006.