New York

Larry Clark

International Center of Photography Museum (ICP)
250 Bowery
March 11–June 5, 2005

Curated by Brian Wallis

At this point in his career, Larry Clark has two overlapping constituencies. First come the ardent devotees of his early photographs of adolescent drug abuse and raw sex, especially those in the books Tulsa (1971) and Teenage Lust (1983), and, to a lesser extent, of his photo-and-text collages. The second (often no less groupielike) goes for Clark's film work, starting with the infamous Kids (1995), followed by the heroin fantasia Another Day in Paradise (1998) and the fan-fucking-tastic Bully (2001). The latest, Ken Park (2002), remains unreleased in the US and the UK (where Clark punched his UK distributor, who then refused to handle the film). This show of some two hundred photographs, videos, and collages from 1963 to 2002, with screenings of three of the films, should make everyone happy.