• Richard Wentworth, Mirror, Mirror, 2003, books and steel shelving with glass, dimensions variable.

    Richard Wentworth

    Tate Liverpool
    Albert Dock
    January 21–April 24

    Curated by Simon Groom

    This show marks Richard Wentworth's most comprehensive exhibition to date, giving viewers the chance to see forty works from the past thirty years, as well as three or four new sculptures. Yet it seems wrong to call it a retrospective. Wentworth's sculptural instinct has always favored the antimonumental: Through low-tech, intimate, and often humorous manipulations of everyday things (books, plates, buckets), he reveals these objects as instances of condensed thought. Similarly startling examples of this economy of means and gesture are recorded in a group of prints from “Making Do and Getting By,” Wentworth's ongoing photographic sequence begun in the '70s. The catalogue contains essays by exhibition curator Simon Groom, curator Roger Malbert, and writer Michael Bracewell.