• Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inner-City Arts, Mark Taper Center, Los Angeles, 1994. Photo: Erich Koyama.

    Michael Maltzan

    Carnegie Museum of Art
    4400 Forbes Avenue
    February 12–June 12, 2005

    Curated by Raymund Ryan

    The qualities of movement, light, and surface essential to Michael Maltzan's work inspired Carnegie curator Raymund Ryan to organize the first exhibition dedicated to the California-based architect. Educated at Harvard Design School, Maltzan belongs to a generation of architects who relocated to LA from the East Coast. While his work is more restrained and less technologically and mathematically driven than that of his peers, his contextual and phenomenological approach—resulting in topological extrusions—is no less pertinent to contemporary discourse. Here, four spaces will hold more than two hundred sectional drawings, DVDs, and process and large-scale models (including those for MoMA QNS and the Fresno Metropolitan Museum) from the past decade.