• Pierre Bismuth

    Kunstmuseum Thun
    Thunerhof Hofstettenstrasse 14
    April 21–June 21, 2005

    Curated by Madeleine Schuppli

    Pierre Bismuth’s first comprehensive solo exhibition traces the Paris-born artist’s wide-ranging thoughts through works on paper, installations, videos, and wall drawings. He is particularly interested in globalization and its ability to throw into question linguistic and iconic codes, especially their ability to divide or unite. Among the thirty works on view are his 2002 multilingual version of Disney’s Jungle Book, with a Hebrew-speaking Baloo the Bear and an Arab Bagheera the Panther, and his new project IBHAYIBHILE. Taken from the Xhosa word for “bible,” this piece collects as many translations of the Good Book as possible, making it a monument against the nationalistic strain of Christian fundamentalism.

    Translated from German by Sara Ogger.