Andreas Slominski

Serpentine Galleries
Kensington Gardens
April 26–June 12

Curated by Rochelle Steiner

Why make things in a straightforward, easy manner when the job can be complex, difficult, and labor-intensive? Andreas Slominski is using his solo debut in a public British gallery as a platform to answer this question. The gallery’s interior features numerous “finished” objects (including a full arsenal of Slominski’s signature contraptions and animal snares), as well as a series of new, ephemeral actions. He has even arranged an outdoor intervention to take place before the opening involving a ski ramp, a professional skier, and an abundance of real snow provided by a snow machine. The show underscores the fact that Slominski’s practice is more than just a laborious means to generate art objects; his elaborate performative acts also add a layer of mystery and myth to the more static works.