• Gego

    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
    1001 Bissonnet
    June 26–September 25, 2005

    Curated by Mari Carmen Ramírez

    Complementing the MFAH’s 2003 retrospective of Gego’s work, this new, more focused show gathers roughly ninety drawings and prints. Included are the Venezuelan artist’s idiosyncratic “drawings without paper,” in which she dismisses medium specificity by exploring line in space, and her tejeduras, woven-paper works that render the planarity of the support a fallacy. Viewers may not get the full gist of Gego’s critique of pictorial structure in a show that emphasizes the effects of light and space on paper, but if they look beyond the formal aspects of these works, they should be able to identify a solid distrust of perceptual certainties in her quest for the immaterial.

    Travels to the Museo de Arte Latino- americano de Buenos Aires, Feb.–May 2006; the Drawing Center, New York, Oct.–Dec. 2006.