New York

New York

“Make It Now: New Sculpture in New York”


May 15–July 31, 2005

Curated by Mary Ceruti, Anthony Huberman, and Franklin Sirmans

Overlapping with the UCLA Hammer’s show on new sculpture in LA, “Make It Now” offers the bicoastal a chance to compare and contrast the state of sculpture, East and West. Those grounded in New York will have plenty to absorb in Queens, where Ceruti, Huberman, and independent curator Sirmans present some fifty works—most made within the last year, almost all specifically for the show—by about thirty up-and-coming object makers, including Ester Partegas, Gedi Sibony, and Nicole Cherubini. Despite the eclectic roster, this is not merely a here’s-what’s-new survey: The curators argue for the relevance of specific strategies, such as the unironic revival of conventions like the monument and the pedestal.